Working together is really easy

Step 1: Fill in the questionnaire - Step 2: Take a selfie!

You're always in control

Don't be worried that I'll be telling you what you can and can't wear. We’re going to work in collaboration so you’re happy for me to help you let go of old clothes, or styles that no longer serve you well.

Yes, I'm qualified as a Colour Me Beautiful consultant, and I'll be able to tell you which colours and styles will suit you best, but don’t worry, I’m not going to make you stick to a colour pallet that you don’t like.

I’m just going to use my 20 plus years ... eek!! experience in fashion and beauty to guide you into purchases that can, in many cases, be life changing. Some people even report a feeling of a weight being lifted from their shoulders when they discover the perfect pair of jeans or find the occasion dress they were having nightmares about.

Step 1: Fill in the questionnaire

Get in touch today by completing the simple form on this page and I'll email you my Lifestyle Questionnaire.

Step 2: Take a selfie

Taking a full length clothed picture and one of your face (without makeup ladies), will help me enormously, as I read through your questionnaire. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a smartphone, maybe you can send me a recent photo instead?

Top tips for taking a selfie

1) Find a full length mirror with plenty of natural light and space behind you.

2) Hold the phone up and point at the mirror until you can see your whole body. You may need to move further back. 

3) Make sure there’s nothing behind you that will obscure you in the picture.

4) To get a flattering line, keep your feet slightly apart. 

5) Don’t try to smile as well, looking down at the camera is fine. 

What would you like help with?

The next step depends very much on what you’d like help with. I have a number of services to choose from. For example if it’s finding an outfit for a wedding, or a suit for an interview, then we’ll make plans to meet in a shopping location that suits us both.

We may decide on a half day trip, or if you need lots of clothes, then a full day will be more appropriate.

What Anette had to say

"I would thoroughly recommend anyone to have a consultation. It's a real confidence booster!"

Book your complimentary consultation

Whether it’s a coffee or a chat over Skype - I can’t wait to talk! Sending me your email address activates the Lifestyle Questionnaire for you to complete and return to me. 

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Colour Me Beautiful

I have trained with Colour Me Beautiful, the market leaders in image consultancy for men and women; and provided colour and image sessions for groups, parties, friends and family as well as advising many companies in the corporate world. I’ve collected a few awards along the way!

Colour Me Beautiful is the art of helping people of all ages, backgrounds and budgets make the most of themselves - whether it be a make-up session or full image consultation using the colours that have been chosen to suit you best according to your hair colour and skin tone.

You may have seen people walk about with swatches of coloured fabrics whilst shopping for clothes? These are part of the service I provide to help you choose clothes that complement your colouring best.

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