Dress with style, at any age!

Do you hanker after looking as stylish as those French and Italian women, even when they wear their jumper and jeans? Why do some people get it so right, while others get it so wrong?

I thought it might be useful to give you some top tips to consider which will get heads turning, for all the right reasons!

Quality over quantity

A few well-chosen items will pay dividends in the long run. Mix Primarni with Armani and suddenly ‘hey presto!’, everyone thinks the whole outfit was bought at a designer label store. The designer item could simply be a great belt, a bag or even a pair of sunglasses! Before you all throw your hands up in horror and say ‘I can’t afford to do that Jane’, why not have a look on eBay or at your local charity shop which specialises in clothing, so many people get bored very quickly!

Discovering companies ‘own label brands’ behind ‘the designer labels’ is always a great find. ‘Tusting leather goods’ is a great UK manufacturer of high quality leather luggage, handbags and other accessories for all sorts of top brands, but if you buy direct you won’t be paying for ‘the designer label’.

Select natural fabrics to get maximum breathability with comfort

These include; cottons, linens, wool mixes and silks. Always look out for these fabrics which offer comfort in the hot weather. Cotton and linen mixes and also wool and silk mixes do not crease as much, this is useful for those of you that hate creases in your clothing!

Very light wool and silk mixes are ideal for summer jackets and suiting. Even Primark offers some great natural organic cottons which are better for the environment too. Look out for lycra and elastine 2-3% mix which means clothes are going to sit around curvy body shapes far more successfully!

Choose carefully blended colour tones

This is really important, when did you last see a well-dressed woman in bright, garish colours? Think Armani again, as a fashion house they tend to use subtle greys, camel, navy blue and cream, nothing neon here. As a general rule you are better to select lighter colours in the quality fabrics and ranges. Cheap white looks very cheap, better to choose cream instead! Darker colours work just as well in more competitively priced shops like Zara.

Keep the jewellery simple

Don’t try too hard! One or two well-chosen items is better than decking yourself out in every piece of jewellery you own, filling your ears, wrists and neck! Make sure that it enhances the outfit chosen in some way, don’t just throw on what you always wear. For example, if you are wearing a plain top with a simple neckline, you can afford to be a little more adventurous with the necklace. Remember, the style of the necklace needs to complement the neckline of the top or dress. It must also be the correct scale for you and your body proportions.

Do you want to be remembered for your feet or your face?

This question is often followed by much hilarity! All joking aside, if you are tottering around in uncomfortable footwear you not only stand out a mile, but it shows on your face! Stylish footwear of all heel heights is available, including some really cool trainer/shoe styles that now makes it possible for you to combine comfort and style. For those less into the sports luxe look, find some flat suede loafer style shoes. These can look very current and are timeless.

I can also recommend a Croatian label called Hogl, which are a great brand should you be looking for something with a heel. The padding on the inside of the shoe is so comfortable for anyone who needs to be on their feet all day. Footwear is another way that you can stay current and stylish without having to change the rest of your outfit. I would recommend that you select neutral colours, that again work with most of your outfit choices, to get the maximum use/cost per wear from them.

If you would like any further advice or help on this subject you can always email me jane@imagemattersuk.com or follow me on my Facebook page Image Matters.

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