Do you have a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear?

Do you hanker after looking as stylish as those French and Italian women, even when they wear their jumper and jeans? Why do some people get it so right, while others get it so wrong?

Do you know how much fashion we each buy on a yearly basis?

In 2018 shoppers snapped up an average of 68 garments a year (that is more than one item every week)

Each garment is worn on average just 7 times! With 20 of all garments made going unsold.

Globally we purchase 80 billion clothing items annually. Experts predict if our consumption habits don’t change by 2030 we will be buying 63% more fashion, this is the equivalent to an extra 500 billion T-shirts!

Worldwide we throw away 2.1 billion tons of fashion, much of it sent to Africa. Our argument being that the poorest continent needs free clothing. This has unfortunately decimated this continents indigenous clothing business.

Where does the rest go? to landfill………………….

Why am I telling you this when I sell clothing? Well, for those of you who support my business and who have been to my pop- up boutique or experienced my one to one personal shopping, you will know I have a very simple message. Cost per wear. Bearing in mind of 80% of your wardrobe goes unworn is it not time to find a way to shop more effectively saving you both time and money?

I don’t want anyone buying clothing for the sake of it. Buying carefully and with a well thought out plan is the way forward. How do you do that Jane? I hear you ask!

As an image consultant of 23 years I know that when you can buy clothes with good judgement in the colours and styles that suit you best you will buy less. The end result is producing a more congruent wardrobe which serves the demands of your daily activities and will give you far more outfit choices than you ever thought possible.

This can only be achieved when we have repurposed your wardrobe making sure we make the most of the items you already have taking away only those items that either no longer fit, or do not have any useful purpose to you.

I will guide you to make intelligent choices as to where, and how to dispose of unwanted items raising cash for reinvestment or, donations to UK based organisations such as women’s refuges and a charity supporting women who have no money for clothes for interviews.

Once we have focused on the gaps in your wardrobe then, and only then can I guide you to make cost effective targeted choices. It isn’t about having lots of clothes it’s having the right ones, and only buying what you really love not a ‘that will do’ sort of approach which leads to a wardrobe of unworn items and very little wear!

If your fed up with wardrobes of clothes and nothing to wear then why not have a chat with me and take the first step to helping the environment by stopping the urge to buy mindlessly, or making the excuse to yourself that it was ‘only cheap’. Cheap to whom? you? or the environment?

Jane Sumner / 07779 585323

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