Testimonials for Jane Sumner of Image Matters 

I was very nervous of my session with Jane, but there was absolutely no need to be! 
She immediately put me at my ease going through my style, colours and make-up. She has a natural ability that made me feel totally at ease and able to talk openly about my frustrations especially with make up. She has an excellent sense of style, is friendly and informative and patient when bombarded with lots of questions. The whole experience was most enjoyable and the booklet she completed by way of a reminder has become by bible. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to go and have a consultation, a real confidence booster ~ thank you. I look forward to the next instalment. 
Spending a day with Jane was the best time and money I've ever spent on myself. I was impressed by the way Jane didn't try to do a Gok Wan on us; she was very empathetic to the type of lifestyles we were leading. When I got home I took loads of clothes to the charity shop, my wardrobe is now super-organised and I'm enjoying wearing clothes that I'd been keeping for 'best'. It's also saved me money, because I've only bought 3 good quality items this winter - and found out that I've been wearing the wrong sized bra for years! At 56 years old, I've feel more confident about my appearance than I've done for years. Thanks Jane. 
Dear Jane 
I can't thank you enough for the immensely fascinating and interesting afternoon recently where you educated me about my whole look including personal in-depth analysis of colours and stye for make-up and clothes. I now have a wealth of information to help me clear out my over stuff wardrobe of items which I used to keep as "I may wear it one day" because I now understand which items just aren't, and never were, suitable for me. You even gave me ideas on where I could either sell or donate clothes. In addition, I can now shop with a clear focus of "my style". You were right about getting measured for a bra and yes, I have to admit: I have been wearing the wrong size for years - and what a difference a bra makes! I just wish I had done this process years ago, but better late than never. I have now bored my friends with all my learnings as I am so pleased with myself, and many are considering doing the same thing for themselves. 
Running a business, a home and a family makes for quite a frenetic lifestyle. There is little time for ‘me’ and time itself is in short supply. Add to that someone who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping because it’s too time consuming and ‘I never know what to buy’, meeting up with Jane Sumner has been a perfect solution to several problems. Starting with the image consultation to determine my style, we then de-cluttered the wardrobe and drew up a shopping list. Jane does all the research and homework to pinpoint the shops that suit my style best and together we are developing a working wardrobe appropriate to all facets of my lifestyle for every season. Not only is it great fun, but it has given me more confidence in colour and style and a focus and dare I say even an enjoyment in shopping that now takes no time at all. 
I really want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise. 
The sessions with you have been invaluable, and I really enjoyed the shopping trip and your company. I am already looking forward to organising a trip with you next year to sort out my Spring/ Summer wardrobe. 
image Matters Image Consultant
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