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Always wondered why some people look amazing in their clothes, but you can’t quite put your finger on why that is? It’s often because they are wearing colours that complement their hair, skin tone and eye colour. This package is for those who’d like to know what colours are best for them and how to use it to their advantage when shopping. The price includes colour swatches to keep.

 £180 (1.5 hours)


When your clothes don’t make you happy any more and you’re feeling a bit out of touch, this package has everything you need to become more confident interpreting today’s fashion with your lifestyle in mind. This session will help you recognise the styles, shapes, fabric choices and much more. You’ll be sure to have successful shopping trips when you’re armed with the tips and tricks of the trade!

 £230 (2.5 hours)


Discover the power in your existing wardrobe!

  • Find new exciting combinations with existing garments in ways you never expected.
  • Find the gaps which need to be addressed and shopped for.
  • Get garments altered rather than throw them away.
  • Recycle preloved garments in the most effective way.

 £75 per hour


Hands up! Who wants to open their wardrobe and see a capsule collection of clothing that mixes and matches perfectly? Who wants to banish the stress of thinking, “I’ve got nothing to wear?” This package is right up your street if you’d like my help choosing clothes to make life easier and less stressful in the mornings. (Travel and parking are not included in the price.)

£75 per hour | 1/2 day £150 (3hrs) | Full day (£300)


If you’ve already had a style or colour session with me and would like to do a seasonal update, or perhaps you’d like an introduction to a more in-depth session? Then this package is for you.

£75 per hour


This is the big one! This is the package for those who are ready to take control of their wardrobes and start afresh. It includes a colour analysis with swatches to keep, hair and makeup advice with tips and guidelines to become more confident when you shop with your colours. A one-on-one styling session to identify how to dress your body to best advantage and recognise which shapes, styles and fabric choices are correct for you. In addition, recognise and develop your personal style and how that relates to current fashion trends. By the end of this package, you’re going to feel re-energised, re-vamped and confidently ready to go shopping with your new found knowledge.

£395 (5 hours)


One for the guys! Sound familiar? You look in your wardrobe and think… ‘There’s nothing in here I particularly like!’ and ‘I’m fed up with wearing the same combinations to work every day’. How can I smarten myself up? That’s where I step in to help you with updating your image. I’ll provide a colour analysis with colour swatches for you to keep. It will be a styling session to get you back to feeling like your true self.

£395 (4 hours)


Are you unsure about the applicational techniques? Are you worried that you might look ‘over done’ Perhaps you are hesitant which colours to use for a natural effect? Whatever your fears are I can make sure you have an easy step by step programme that will make it quick, easy simple and quick to achieve. No more messing trying to decide what to do or how to do it! A two minute make-up regime is all you need!

£75 (1 hour)


When was the last time you sorted out your make-up bag? If you have had make-up sitting in there unused for 18 months or more (most ladies leave it much longer!) it needs a serious sorting out!! Maybe you have 100’s of lipsticks or eye shadows that need honing down to just 3 or 4 really good shades let me help you get it sorted once and for all!

£40 (45 mins)

(£20 redeemable against make-up purchased on the day)


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An Image Matters Gift Card is a lovely idea for someone you know who’d like to sort out their wardrobe or go shopping with someone who can really help them.

I absolutely love helping people find their style and confidence, so you can be assured we’ll have a great time.

Please fill in the form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible and will look forward to making their celebration a memorable one. Payment can be made over the phone by credit or debit card or by BACS. 

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Makeup to order online

Click the link to order your make-up and skincare online direct with Colour Me Beautiful.

Make sure you are choosing the correct shades by speaking to Jane first who can guide you to the recommended colours to suit your dominant colour type.

What Emma had to say

"Running a business, a home and a family makes for quite a frenetic lifestyle. There is little time for ‘me’ and time itself is in short supply. Add to that someone who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping because it’s too time-consuming and ‘I never know what to buy’, meeting up with Jane has been a perfect solution to several problems.

Starting with the image consultation to determine my style, we then de-cluttered the wardrobe and drew up a shopping list. Jane does all the research and homework to pinpoint the shops that suit my style best and together we are developing a working wardrobe appropriate to all facets of my lifestyle for every season.

Not only is it great fun, but it has given me more confidence in colour and style and a focus, dare I say, even an enjoyment in shopping that now takes no time at all."

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