Image Matters - Image, Colour and Style for Women  

Do you always seem to look the same? 
Want to be comfortable but stylish? 
Wasting money on clothes that you never or rarely wear? 
Feeling frumpy but don't want to feel like mutton dressed as lamb? 

For Women 
My one to one Image Services focus on how to wear colour for clothing and make-up, and which clothing styles work best for you. I assess your figure shape, height, scale, body proportions and style personality. This will give you a total solution to all your image needs. Equipped with a set of colour swatches and a work book bespoke for easy to follow style guidelines for work or leisure you will be ready to take on your wardrobe with confidence! 
Personal shopping can enhance the Image Services and will give you even more confidence to try styles that may not have any 'hanger appeal'.  
Before heading out of the door you may also find a wardrobe audit useful to identify gaps in the wardrobe, identify new outfit combinations and get rid of unsuitable clothes that are taking up valuable wardrobe space. I can also take away unwanted garments to a local charity click here for further information.  
Colour Analysis  
Style Consultation 
Total Image for Women (includes colour, style and make-up advice) 
Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Audits  


Image matters Image Consultant
Image Matters Image Consultant


Image Matters Image Consultant
Image Matters Image Consultant
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