Image Matters - Corporate Style and Image 

It takes just 30 seconds to make the first and lasting impression, 55% of communication is non-verbal i.e. based on appearance and  
body language. 

Your Personal Brand  

What does your image say about you? 
How do you get people to trust you even if you haven't said a word? 
Do you get asked your opinion at meetings or do you feel like a regular wall flower? 
Corporate branding is not just about web sites, business cards and strap lines, it is vital that the people who represent your company on the front line reflect your brand through the way they dress, present themselves and through their behavior. Can you honestly say that everyone in your company understands and appreciates this? If the answer is no you could be losing contracts and revenue. 
On an individual level I can help you look more credible in business, to get the promotion you have been looking for or if you are out of work make you more memorable for that all important job interview! 

Company recommendations 

Tony Whittle 
Executive coach 
Jane Sumner is sharp, very quick on the uptake and extremely effective when it comes to guiding clients in their search for identity and image. 
In my time working alongside her, they have benefitted from her ability to cut through hazy thinking and to get the the "Nitty gritty" in their search for strong brand identity. Her direct approach and high energy levels are infectious and she motivates teams into action, delivering high quality results on a consistent basis. 
Sometimes she makes it look easy...which is misleading. She's just highly skilled! 
March 1, 2012 
Image matters Image Consultancy
Don't leave your visual impact to chance, make sure you are getting it right from the image professional, Your image is my business.  
Take the first step to improve your personal brand today call Jane on 07779 585323 or complete our short form
Laura Hawthorne 
Marketing Director at Underwoods Town and County 
We have hired Jane on more than one ocassion for group sessions with our team. The feedback we received was fantastic. 
Jane took the time to understand our company, our market, branding and image and as a result, the sessions were enjoyable, informative and most importantly, very effective. 
We wouldn't hesitate to recommend. 
July 18, 2012